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Random Baseball Comment

Not much I’m going to say here, because I think anyone who has paid attention to baseball in the last few seasons knows this: the Royals are the problem. Tonight, professional punk and occasional Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura decided to … Continue reading

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Triple-Header Day

The Sunday of Memorial Day weekend has long been special for me. Not for armed forces reasons, mind you—and I seem to remember there being less glorifying of war when I was younger, but maybe I was just blind to … Continue reading

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Why Formula 1 Needs to Die

I love racing. It’s something I’ve loved for as long as I’ve been able to absorb photons in my corneas. Brilliant stuff. I used to get up early in the morning to watch Formula 1 in particular, a kind of … Continue reading

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The National Anthem Brought to You By…

I love sports, but I’m definitely not a nationalist. Which is funny if you think about it: I accept one form of tribalism but reject the other. Kind of. I don’t like to treat sports like political affiliation or street … Continue reading

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Irritation with Subscription Services—Cable and Satellite Blackouts

I don’t have cable. I don’t have satellite. And I tire very quickly of their ads knocking each other for jacking up rates after an intro period. They both do it. They’re both scum as far as that is concerned. … Continue reading

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MLB—The End of the Regular Season

I follow four teams in Major League Baseball, and all four of them had already been eliminated from the playoffs going into this weekend. I knew to watch as many innings as possible because it’s going to be a long … Continue reading

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