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Let’s Go to Enceladus!

If you say the name of this moon out loud, many will think you’re saying Ansel Adams. But Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moons, is in the spotlight for a potential life-hunting expedition. And not the type Upper Midwest dentists go … Continue reading

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How Can Astronomy Make Me So Sad?

I was reading a story on the BBC’s news site yesterday about the cosmos and the way the universe has lost 40% of its brightness in the last 2 billion years. And that it’s going to keep getting dimmer basically … Continue reading

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Oh Fox…

No, not Fox McCloud, though I’m sure I’ll have more to say about Star Fox Zero and the amazing Chicken Arwing. No, this is the television studio Fox. I bought the final episode of the recent Cosmos series the other … Continue reading

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The Friday Five—26.June.2015

Rolling into a summer weekend is nice. It’s almost as though I’ve forgotten what it would feel like to need to bundle up before walking outside. It feels great. Here’s five for you on this lovely, long Friday. 1. Game … Continue reading

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The Wanderers

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this film before, but the official version has been updated now that they have permission to use Carl Sagan’s speech. I keep coming back to this because we could have such things if we didn’t … Continue reading

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