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Stepping Away for a Bit

When I started Shiny New Cartridge a few years ago, it was meant to be fun. I was writing about something I greatly enjoyed in an era when exciting, new things were happening in video games. Somehow, that excitement has … Continue reading

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Normal Service Resuming. Eventually.

Bluntly put, this semester has been killing me. I’m actually teaching the load of three people, so free time has been at an absolute premium. That has meant both of my blogs (this and Evi on the Inside) have suffered, … Continue reading

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Back on the Air (again)

Hey folks: Sorry for the radio silence there for a bit. Had to depart SNC Ranch and take care of some stuff. All is good, and I did get some video game time in while I was gone: MLB The … Continue reading

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Shiny New Cartridge Getting Back to Normal Soonish

I’ve survived the semester! With the move out here to SNC Ranch, it’s been hectic settling in, feeding the livestock, and actually working my new day job as a professor. Now that final grades are submitted and I’m knocking off … Continue reading

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Back on the Air

Hey everyone! SNC is indeed still alive. We’ve left SNC Towers for our television and film division’s use and moved our gaming and culture division out here to SNC Ranch. A sprawling complex, this, and it’s taken a bit to … Continue reading

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SNC Ranch Coming Soon

Things have been busy here at SNC Towers, hence the infrequent updates. Never fear, though, as your favourite video game/culture/whatever blog will be back to normal service within a few weeks. We’ve taken the plunge, further increasing our real estate … Continue reading

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SNC Towers Update

We may hold off on building that fourth tower here at the SNC Towers complex. Real estate is a complex thing, after all, and we want to make sure we’re using our seed funding responsibly. That said, we’re keeping an … Continue reading

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