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Rhythm Heaven Megamix Available Now in eShop

But not on a cartridge… The long-awaited Rhythm Heaven Megamix got a showing today at E3, but the big revelation was that it is available right now from the eShop. That’s a pretty good sign that it won’t be getting … Continue reading

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Splatoon Amiibo Dioramas are a Thing

Looking for a good way to display your Splatoon amiibo? Well, now you’re covered. Over in Japan they’re making dioramas specifically for the Splatoon amiibo, and Play Asia has them up for preorder. This is just in time for the … Continue reading

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Criminal Girls 2 Coming; Still Quite Racy

Some video games get quite a lot of attention for their content, sort of how Senran Kagura tends to raise some eyebrows and Bayonetta 2 pissed off some people. But there are others out there that fly beneath the radar … Continue reading

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Rhetorically Bankrupt

This has been bothering me for a little bit. Fire Emblem Fates comes out at the end of the week, the highly anticipated sequel to the smash-hit Awakening. And that’s precisely the problem. Let me back up a bit. We’ve … Continue reading

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3DS Has a Future Yet

If you hang around Nintendo news sites—and sometimes the comments sections can question your sanity—you’ll see quite a bit of buzz about NX, what it is, and how both of the current systems are dying. I can’t say much for … Continue reading

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Crowdfunding for Localization?

Crowdfunding for games has seen plenty of ugliness as of late. Between games badly missing their deadlines to just disappearing, it’s a crapshoot to give your money not just for something that hasn’t been released yet, but for something that … Continue reading

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Project X Zone 2 Screenshots—To Keep Up With All of the Characters

Project X Zone 2 continues to roll on towards release on the 3DS, and Nintendo Everything has yet another round of screenshots from the forthcoming release. I had tremendous fun with the insanity that was the first game, so this … Continue reading

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