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Stepping Away for a Bit

When I started Shiny New Cartridge a few years ago, it was meant to be fun. I was writing about something I greatly enjoyed in an era when exciting, new things were happening in video games. Somehow, that excitement has … Continue reading

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Dear Sony: Your Hardware is Shit (Update)

Dear Sony: I should have broken up with you a long time ago. You have no attention span, your hardware is usually rotten in its first iteration, and you have a haughty arrogance that so puts me off. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Minecraft Edition Xbox One S Released

Microsoft announced yesterday a Minecraft-themed Xbox One S bundle. It includes the standard white 500gb system with a download code for the game that also bags you a bunch of goodies, including texture and skin packs. You can also transfer … Continue reading

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New Galaxy Style New 3DS is New

And it’s freaking gorgeous. I think I’ve finally found my North American New 3DS system. If I can preorder it. Good news for those of you who would like to: Gamestop’s preorders are, as of this typing, up and available … Continue reading

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3DS-Themed Nintendo Direct Inbound Thursday

No, there won’t be any talk of the NX. They promise. But with a little bit coming up for the 3DS, along with games like Ever Oasis just over the horizon, it makes sense for Nintendo to toss a Direct … Continue reading

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Xbox Project Scorpio is Real

Phil Spencer dropped a console-shaped bomb at the end of the Xbox E3 presentation. Seriously: 8 CPU cores, 320GB/s memory bandwidth, 6 teraflops GPU. 4K gaming. High-fidelity VR. Hot damn. They’re building a serious machine with this. All Xbox One … Continue reading

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Customizable Xbox One Controllers Coming

This is pretty cool, though I only have bare details right now. You’ll be able to design your own controller with Xbox Design Lab, Xbox will build it, and you’ll get it. That’s pretty sweet. Time to get to work … Continue reading

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