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Glow-in-the-Dark Boo Amiibo Coming in November

Make that two amiibo I need to buy: Bayonetta, and now this epic glow-in-the-dark Boo. I have the Boo faceplates for my Japanese N3DS, and this seems to fit right up that alley. Boo is one of my favourite characters … Continue reading

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Splatoon Amiibo Dioramas are a Thing

Looking for a good way to display your Splatoon amiibo? Well, now you’re covered. Over in Japan they’re making dioramas specifically for the Splatoon amiibo, and Play Asia has them up for preorder. This is just in time for the … Continue reading

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Life-Sized Overwatch Action Figures are Epic

Blizzard sure knows how to promote a game. This time, with the launch of Overwatch looming in just a couple of days, they’ve put out life-sized, boxed action figures around the world. Polygon has some coverage of it. Very cool … Continue reading

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The Friday Five—15.January.2016

It’s the doldrums of winter, but thankfully, with the tendency for games to be delayed beyond their targeted holiday releases, we find ourselves sitting in the midst of a pretty good run of releases. 1. Your New Time Sinks—And that’s … Continue reading

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Bayonetta in Smash, Makes Me Wish I Liked Smash

Yesterday was the final video presentation for the current generation of Smash Bros. games, and three new characters were ultimately revealed. Cloud isn’t a surprise, as they let that one out last month. Fire Emblem Fates star Corrin is a … Continue reading

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Amiibo-palooza at Gamestop

Sheesh. I guess most of that fabled amiibo shortage may indeed be over. I stopped by to pick up two of my preorders today and they were swimming in them. Green and Pink Yarn Yoshis? Yep. Splatoon 3-packs? Plenty of … Continue reading

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The Friday Five—30.October.2015

We’re coming up on the end of October, and that means scary things for gamers—usually in the form of too many games and not enough cash in the ol’ wallet. Perhaps Nintendo-only gamers are really the lucky ones… Seriously, though, … Continue reading

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