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No Female Link in Breath of the Wild

Eiji Aonuma has ruled out a female Link in the latest Zelda came when it releases for the Wii U and NX next year. This isn’t really a massive surprise, but the translated quote irks me a little bit. Via … Continue reading

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Forza Horizon 3 is Coming 27.September

Forza Horizon 3 is coming out for Xbox One and Windows 10. This was just announced on the Xbox E3 presentation. 4-player co-op campaign, too. This is going to be good. They’ve also announced the new Xbox One S coming … Continue reading

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You know that because they start off posting by saying “I’m not a racist.” Jim Sterling has a fascinating article up over on The Jimquisition on the backlash Steam users are having over the protagonist in the upcoming Watch Dogs … Continue reading

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The Epitome of That Escalated Quickly

I read an interesting story on Kotaku today, one where a developer responded to a player’s request for a game key by telling them to “fuck off” because of their support of LGBT rights. It only gets stranger from there. … Continue reading

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Valve Facing Lawsuit on Transgender Discrimination

This article is cross-posted on Evi on the Inside. In a story that once again links up social justice and video games, a translator for Valve has filed a discrimination lawsuit after being terminated by Valve. I’m not going to … Continue reading

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Don’t Ever Change, Japan

Because of course that’s a mailbox there. Thanks to Kotaku for pointing it out.

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Why I Don’t Blog as Much Now

Shiny New Cartridge has not been the vibrant place it was a few months ago, and for regular readers, I apologize for that. With the massive changes going on in my life, I haven’t been able to devote nearly the … Continue reading

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