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Beginning-of-the-School-Year Blues

Things have been quiet around SNC for the last little bit, and that’s because a very busy semester has been approaching. Now it’s here. I did successfully get the online portions of my courses published, though there is still more … Continue reading

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Shiny New Cartridge Getting Back to Normal Soonish

I’ve survived the semester! With the move out here to SNC Ranch, it’s been hectic settling in, feeding the livestock, and actually working my new day job as a professor. Now that final grades are submitted and I’m knocking off … Continue reading

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Definition in Progress: Laurie Penny on Genderqueer Feminism

I think I’ve spoken with about five people on this gender identity exploration I’m on. Again, for most of us in our 30s (and those older), gender identity was never a thing. There was your biological sex and sexual orientation, … Continue reading

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Doge Memes? In MY Zelda?

It’s more likely than you think. There appear to be two different English translations used to make Triforce Heroes, and the one produced for North America appears to include the occasional doge meme. For those of you unfamiliar, mix in … Continue reading

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The Placebo Effect in Video Games

A neat one here from NintendoLife: a study out of the University of York has found that the placebo effect, well-documented in the physical world, exists in the video game world as well. Check out more on this bit of … Continue reading

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Self Representation and Identity on Xbox vs Nintendo

This isn’t a criticism of one over the other. Rather, it’s a look at two very different philosophies for digital identity. I’ve been learning how things can be done differently than in Nintendo’s ecosystem. That’s not to say that the … Continue reading

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The Friday Five—28.August.2015

I highly recommend taking a Thursday off some time. That three-day week leading into a day off? Somehow I get more done like that. Then I just have to come back for a Friday, and that’s no big deal. It’s … Continue reading

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