There are plenty of sites out there talking about video games. And there should be: video games are a major part of our culture. Do we need another? No. But I also want to write out my own thoughts, so maybe something worthwhile will show up here. Maybe.

I frequent NintendoLife, Polygon, and PushSquare, so if you see the user Vineleaf around, that’s probably me. Unless I forgot to log out and someone is effing with me.

I work as a writer in my day job, and this is obviously unpaid. If for some bizarre reason you want to lob some thanks at me—and please don’t feel the need to—I’ve linked my Play Asia and Amazon lists, and if I could figure out how to connect my AmiAmi one, I’d have that posted. I’m also hoping to get this site ad-free and keep it that way.

Drop me a line, too, at shinynewcartridge@gmail.com.

Nintendo: Vineleaf
Playstation: Vineleaf
Xbox: SNCVineleaf
Twitch: sncvineleaf

If you want a moderately useless player and I have it, add me!

Systems in Heavy Rotation:
Xbox One
Xbox 360

Systems Hooked Up/In Use:

Favourite Games (updated roughly whenever):
Hyrule Warriors
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
MLB 14
Samurai Warriors 4
Ratchet and Clank Collection
MarioKart 8
TIE Fighter Special Edition

Give me a shout! Either fill in the form below or email shinynewcartridge@gmail.com


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