Stepping Away for a Bit

When I started Shiny New Cartridge a few years ago, it was meant to be fun. I was writing about something I greatly enjoyed in an era when exciting, new things were happening in video games.

Somehow, that excitement has gone.

Between Sony’s murder of the Vita and hardware malfeasance with the PS4 (seriously, the thing’s a piece of garbage), Nintendo’s underwhelming Switch, and the dearth of games I’m looking forward to on the Xbox One, maybe it’s time for me to go.

I don’t do online multiplayer. I don’t want to play shooters.

Maybe it’s time for me to go.

I’ll be stepping away from Shiny New Cartridge and video games in general for a bit. This site will revert to its WordPress domain during that time.

Maybe I’ll be back. I don’t know. But right now, video games aren’t any fun.


About Evi Buell

Non-binary/trans, expressing the inner femme I've repressed all these years while exploring my identity and figuring out who I should be on the outside.
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