Fire Emblem Warriors Coming to New 3DS

24xr9apAnd my need for a Switch just got a whole lot lower. Fire Emblem Warriors, like Hyrule Warriors, is also coming to the New 3Ds, Nintendo announced today. Like the Switch version, it will be available this fall.

That just pushed back my need to get a Switch well into next year. Which is when, as it turns out, a new Fire Emblem entry is coming to the console.

We also got news that a reimagining of Fire Emblem Gaiden from 1992 is coming to the eShop quite soon. I wish it was on cartridge, admittedly, but I’ll take what I can get. Also, this new title will get a couple of amiibo that I’ll attempt to get my mitts on.

They showed off the mobile title, too. There looked to be plenty of in-app purchasing options. I like the look and voice of my Tharja, but I’ll probably skip the game. It comes to Android on 2.February and iOS later.


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Non-binary/trans, expressing the inner femme I've repressed all these years while exploring my identity and figuring out who I should be on the outside.
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