Why is PS4 in the Lead?


This will be a bit of a rant.

I can’t figure out why the PS4 leads this generation. I can’t. My system has broken for a second time, the operating system is utter crap, the UI is counterintuitive.

I keep hearing about the games, but they seem unspectacular and samey to me. The exclusives aren’t special.

I keep hearing about what’s coming, about their amazing presentations, and what… we had E3 in 2015, where everyone wet themselves about a game that took a decade to release, one that will release some time in the future, and one that got a KickStarter. That was an amazing show?

The controller’s battery is garbage. Their online shop doesn’t have a wishlist feature. And this is the one that gets all of the fanboys going.

I genuinely don’t get it. As, once again, mine has become a paperweight because it randomly ejects discs. Again.

Utterly baffling.


About Evi Buell

Non-binary/trans, expressing the inner femme I've repressed all these years while exploring my identity and figuring out who I should be on the outside.
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One Response to Why is PS4 in the Lead?

  1. Particlebit says:

    My PS4 just recently died and it was really frustrating. I also sympathize with the no wishlist feature – why is this not included?


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