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Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X Thoughts

I do love rhythm games. There’s a kind of zone you get into on them that most other games really do struggle to match. That said, I’m not terribly great at most rhythm games, struggling as I do when the … Continue reading

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New Galaxy Style New 3DS is New

And it’s freaking gorgeous. I think I’ve finally found my North American New 3DS system. If I can preorder it. Good news for those of you who would like to: Gamestop’s preorders are, as of this typing, up and available … Continue reading

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Gran Turismo Sport Delayed to 2017

Probably not a surprise, as it just didn’t look ready, but Gran Turismo Sport has officially been delayed until next year according to developer Polyphony. Polygon has a good article up on it. I’ve been lukewarm on this one, kind … Continue reading

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3DS-Themed Nintendo Direct Inbound Thursday

No, there won’t be any talk of the NX. They promise. But with a little bit coming up for the 3DS, along with games like Ever Oasis just over the horizon, it makes sense for Nintendo to toss a Direct … Continue reading

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Shiny New Today: Hatsune Miku Project Diva X

It’s a different take on everyone’s favourite vocaloid: Sega’s latest title in the Hatsune Miku line, Project Diva X, launches today for the PS4 and the Vita. With more story and fewer songs than prior entries, it all has a … Continue reading

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Holy Wah: No Man’s Sky Reactions

I haven’t managed to pick up No Man’s Sky yet. Not because I don’t want to, but because I have a lot of other things I’m doing right now with school and because my two timewasters have been Animal Crossing … Continue reading

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Feeling the Rhythm

One nice thing about the return of the school year is that it’s perfectly acceptable for me to sit around with my headphones on, plugged into something or other. Leave me alone. But what to do? Frequently I play rhythm … Continue reading

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