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Triple-Header Day

The Sunday of Memorial Day weekend has long been special for me. Not for armed forces reasons, mind you—and I seem to remember there being less glorifying of war when I was younger, but maybe I was just blind to … Continue reading

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Polygon has Xbox E3 Preview

It’s a pretty well-reasoned article over at Polygon looking at what we expect to see from Microsoft in just a few weeks. Really? Just a few weeks? Already? Two of them excite me: one is that we already know a … Continue reading

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Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Demo Out Now

The forthcoming Atlus title Odin Sphere Leifthraser is coming soon (and I’m working on a review for this exciting title), and they’ve released a demo of the game today. Hooray! The original version of this game was a masterpiece late … Continue reading

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Collectible Kirby Cards at Gamestop. Because Reasons.

If you preorder the forthcoming Kirby: Planet Robobot from Gamestop, you’ll get a pack of collectible Kirby cards when you pick up the game. I don’t really know why. But okay. Usually when cards are collectible, there’s really a reason … Continue reading

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Valve Facing Lawsuit on Transgender Discrimination

This article is cross-posted on Evi on the Inside. In a story that once again links up social justice and video games, a translator for Valve has filed a discrimination lawsuit after being terminated by Valve. I’m not going to … Continue reading

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Not Commenting on Nintendo Silliness

There is much breathless clamoring over an investor report that dropped a hint at a new Nintendo handheld codenamed MH. It was apparently a speculative bit of analysis and not backed up by anything. I kind of don’t care right … Continue reading

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New I Am Setsuna Trailer Released

I Am Setsuna, Square Enix’s oddball winter tale RPG, is getting closer to release, and SE has released a new trailer showing off what they’re going to show at E3. In case you want to knock out some of your … Continue reading

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