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Alison Rapp Fired from Nintendo

Which is just as confusing of a story as that dumpster fire of a rewards program they launched today. Kotaku has the details on this story, but the long and short of it seems to be that Alison Rapp has … Continue reading

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FF 15, Star Ocean Get Release Dates

Sort of. FF15’s release date is a rumour, but it’s set to be 30.September. That would be a nice way to work through the fall semester for me. I’d be down. Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness is going to be … Continue reading

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Why NX May Soar

No, we don’t know what the thing actually is. But with rumours starting to swirl that we’ll hear more in about a month, I think it’s time to consider that Nintendo may have the timing down just perfectly. They might … Continue reading

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Nintendo and Disney

I don’t really get fanboy reactions to things. I defend a product or philosophy when I feel like it’s being abused or misinterpreted or the idiot typing the comment is just plain wrong. But I don’t get ascribing mystical powers … Continue reading

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Shiny New, Uh, Yesterday—Trackmania Turbo

You can’t go home again. True in life, and true in video games. I’ve been waiting nearly a year for Trackmania Turbo to come out, pleased that it was announced for both PS4 and X1. Slightly less pleasing, however, was … Continue reading

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Quick Hits: Nintendo Direct Edition

Everyone and their cousin has already recapped the most recent Nintendo Direct, so we’re just going to share some quick thoughts on what’s exciting, what isn’t, and what’s left. The Good: A new Kirby game! I’m a sucker for those, … Continue reading

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In the Rotation—8.March.2016

It’s been a busy time around SNC Ranch, something that might become the new normal, but there have been some games fired up lately. Here’s what’s going on in our world: Fire Emblem Fates (3DS) – I was one of … Continue reading

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