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Is No Man’s Sky Stuck?

PushSquare has an article up that No Man’s Sky is chugging a little bit. Some minor development hell. Not running well on the PS4. That sort of thing. This is a massively ambitious game, so perhaps that’s not a surprise. … Continue reading

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New Book: The Video Game Debate

As an academic myself, I’m always ready for a long-winded compendium of thoughts and findings using very big words all made plural for some reason. If you laughed at that line, thank you for being a fellow humanities major. The … Continue reading

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Drink Up! Nuka-Cola Coming Soon

Fallout 4 is doing a great job advertising itself, both looking gritty but also not taking itself too seriously. Think back to when Ratchet and Clank used the Golden Girls theme. Kind of like that. Well, thanks to the wizards … Continue reading

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Delayed

Kind of a bummer, but the much-anticipated Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has been delayed three months, now releasing 24.May. Polygon has some details. The original Mirror’s Edge really was quite innovative—and rejoice Xbox One owners, as that appears to be one … Continue reading

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Digesting Miitomo

There are enough articles out there in the wake of Nintendo’s investor briefing this week that I’ve decided to stay in the background. And that’s largely because I don’t much know what to think. They’re integrating accounts into one system, … Continue reading

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Is Steam Too Much Wild West?

I don’t have a Steam account—let me say that right upfront. I don’t game on a computer aside from emulating some of my old DOS games. Not my thing. But many, many people do, and there have been more rumblings … Continue reading

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Human Resource Machine Will Have You Reaching For Your Stapler

The red Swingline one, of course. Human Resource Machine seems like the perfect odd title to bring to the Wii U eShop, so it’s a good thing it came out this week. Nintendo Everything has a collection of gameplay videos … Continue reading

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