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Regular-Sized New 3DS Officially Coming to North America

Just in time for the NFC adapter for the old 3DS to arrive in North America, Nintendo of America has announced that an Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer bundle with the regular-sized New 3DS, the game, two sets of plates, … Continue reading

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Level Editing Becoming More of a Nintendo Thing

A surprise entry made an appearance on the Wii U eShop here in North America today: Vs Excitebike. In this version you can create your own tracks and actually save them—something the Japan version on the Famicom could do, but … Continue reading

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A Good Game Drought

I’m actually a little bit relieved that I have a game drought at the moment. With the new semester starting, and me rebuilding my course from scratch, I’ve been plenty busy. And since I don’t have my Xbox One yet, … Continue reading

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Xbox One Elite Bundle Announced

Coming in November, the rather amazing-looking Xbox One Elite Bundle seems to be the answer to many gamer dreams. I’m impressed that it’s only $499, considering there is a 1TB solid-state drive with the thing, as well as the Elite … Continue reading

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Editorial Twitching

Polygon has a rather painful story, one of the LE PS4 for Metal Gear Solid V containing a typo. The sort of thing that gives me fits, honestly. It isn’t the worst mistake in the world, not like the road … Continue reading

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Monster Hunter Academy: Weapons

It’s time for another charming piece of introductory information on Monster Hunter. I wish they would have done these videos some time ago. This time we have a look at weapons. Gataki is still here walking us through the weapon … Continue reading

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Great Themes on Japanese 3DS—Coming West?

It doesn’t get a great deal of attention, especially this late in the game for the 3DS, but there are many great themes available for the Japanese 3DS, and most of them do find their way West. My favourites right … Continue reading

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