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Pachi Para and Explaining Pachinko

I had a pachinko machine in my house growing up, something I was more familiar with than a slot machine, its Western counterpart. I can still hear the sound of the pachinko ball bouncing off of the bits of plastic … Continue reading

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Pit Amiibo Available for a Few Minutes

Nintendo Everything notes that the Pit amiibo is back in stock from Gamestop, and as of publication, it was still available. Ready, set, go!

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Fire Emblem Cipher—Wrong City

I was hoping to crack open my Fire Emblem Cipher starter deck today and share some photos with you all, but they sent my package to the wrong state. The right city mind you, but in a neighbouring state. I’m … Continue reading

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Star Fox Controls “a Bit Complex” –Shigeru Miyamoto

I’ve been saying since E3 that I’m much less excited about Star Fox Zero than I was, though it isn’t for the reason that many people seem to be up in arms—the controls. Shigeru Miyamoto himself says that compared to … Continue reading

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A New Game from Deception and Fatal Frame’s Keisuke Kikuchi has the story of a new title from Gust—Yoru no Nai Kuni, which seems to be an RPG, one that looks interesting. It’ll be coming to the PS4, PS3, and Vita in late August. It’s obviously very early for … Continue reading

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Ar Nosurge Plus Limited Edition Almost Gone!

NIS America is producing a limited edition retail version of Ar nosurge Plus, the forthcoming Koei Tecmo RPG. According to their online store, as I’m typing this, there is less than 5% of the print run still available—and yesterday that … Continue reading

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Shiny New Today—Hyperdimensionthelongestnameingamescontinues

The bit of a game drought that I’ve been in gets a spot of rain with the release of Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3: Generation today. I won’t get to it immediately, as I have to get through the earlier ones … Continue reading

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