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Nintendo Direct Tomorrow

There will be a Nintendo Direct coming up tomorrow evening (for those of us on Eastern time). Nintendo does need to get back out in front of their own news, so this is good timing. Not great, mind you, as … Continue reading

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Ultra Recap

There’s no point in trying to capture in a few paragraphs all that is Ultra. It can’t be done. In fact, even though there were a ton of great sets, there are only two that stick in my head. The … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

Something I thought I’d address before this here blog gets rolling too far. Shiny New Cartridge, as a name, isn’t a take on anyone else’s blog. I was trying to think of what excites me the most with a new … Continue reading

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PLUR-See You Monday

That’s Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. Ultra is effing ON. Afrojack on live as I type this. Then Alesso. And Carl Cox. And Tiesto. That’s just tonight. See you Monday. I’m out.

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The Half-Complete Game?

I’m playing, and enjoying, Toukiden: the Age of Demons on my Vita. It’s an action game, kind of like a hunting title, and it’s rather well done. Only very rarely does the system even seem to hiccup with all of … Continue reading

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Mario Party 10 Thoughts: a Use for Amiibo

Dare I say it? That Nintendo may have finally found a compelling, if still minor, use for amiibo? One that’s actually fun and can be handy? Amiibo Party in the new Mario Party 10 is pretty slick. It feels like … Continue reading

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Ultra is Coming…

A bit outside the normal fare, but the 17th Ultra Music Festival Miami starts on Friday. While I can’t make it this year—I want to go VIP just for crowd reasons, and those were $1150 a pop—SiriusXM and Ultra’s live … Continue reading

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